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Website Security Solutions

You invest a lot of money to design your brand-new website. You go to bed thinking that you are going to kick-start your online operations from the next morning. The next day arrives and when you finally get to open your website, a notification waits for you there, saying “ACCESS DENIED”. All the money and the effort that you have invested so far has gone in vain.

Cybercrimes, such as data phishing, virus transfer, hacking, and more, are at an all-time high. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to be a step ahead, and secure your online business with a shield of protection. Integrating reliable cybersecurity tools to your web pages would help protect your privacy, data, and other sensitive files or information.

Looney Codes helps you integrate the best and the most reliable security solutions for a smoother and safer web presence.

Available Security Integrations

Domain Security

SSL Certificates

Managed SSL Service

Website/Data Backup

Secure Data Migration

Code Signing Certificate

How Website Security Helps Your Business

Customers trust businesses that have a secure web presence

Search engines recognize websites that are secure

Website security protects your data and privacy

Improves overall website health & performance

Enhanced accessibility & permission options

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